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Femboy Chasers...really!

Femboy Chasers !! Really ? Yes isn’t this just males that are chasing down hookups with Femboys, we’ll yes and no depending on your take on just what the term Femboy chaser means, are you a chaser looking to meet femboys?


Whilst I’ve been an admirer of Femboys for years and can say with all honesty I’ve dated a few! I’ve never used the term Femboy Chaser mostly because within the Transgender scene chaser is a viewed in a negative viewpoint, but should it be?


Or at least should it be viewed this way within the personals and dating scene. Question, What is a Femboy Chaser, this is a male that’s seeking dates with femboys because he knows outwardly, they have a feminine appearance but sexually still have a cock

Active Femboys

Looking at what the basic understanding of what a Trans Chaser is and using this within the same context as Femboy Chasers, this would imply you are an active femboy and enjoy taking an active role within the bedroom!


Its only when you start accessing personals that you find out indeed some femboys do enjoy a more free for all meet where it doesn’t come down to who has the active & passive role and more so about 2 people or maybe more LOL just enjoying themselves.


Yes its correct that some Femboys are totally passive and depending on the Femboy will only consider meeting males if they completely ignore whats hanging between their legs. Maybe even locking it away so it can’t be used or touched

Meet Femboy Chasers

Or indeed if you are a chaser yourself how to meet with active Femboys? It all starts by joining and posting up your personals ad, but if you are only seeking active hookups then you need to make it very clear within the profile.


Posting up a clear profile and maybe even putting in the profile heading will save time and help you meet up the active femboy contacts. The heading is the first thing members see when searching for contacts

FREE Femboy chasers

We offer a FREE membership where you can upload your personals advert whether you are a chaser seeking femboys or an active femboy looking to meet males. Within the free membership you can uploaded personals ad, photos, search contacts & view personals along with photos.


It’s a great way to try the site out searching for Femboy chasers without any cost and we don’t even ask for credit card details. You can also stay a free member for as long as you want.


If later you want more features upgrading to VIP is easy and the name of the site will not show on your credit card statement…but for now why not join for free and check out Femboy chasers seeking dates NOW

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