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We all love them sexy selfies femboys & admirers

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Sexy Flawless Femboys ..

Femboys selfies, getting those flawless femboy selfie photos ready to line up the admirers and have them begging to meet, although whilst its clear nothing beats a femboy selfie photo you do have to remember us poor admirers trying to impress LOL..


Let’s be honest we all love a selfie and that even includes admirers, although obviously nowhere near as attractive as a young Aussie Femboy selfie! But when it comes to viewing femboy selfies checking out personals offers un limitless access to selfie photos


Whilst many assume that social media has taken over the selfies market, and to some that probably applies but viewing members selfies via personals means first you know you are around friends and admirers that won’t judge you, whether admirer or femboy.

Femboy Selfies & Guys

Tips for posting up those killer sexy Femboy Selfie photos that you often see on personals, and the odd male admirer doing his best to throw a pose looking masculine and sex, am I talking about my selfies again LOL.


For some taking selfies are almost as natural as walking hand in hand with your lover, and to others when you look at the screen the ugly truth is it’s not what you imagined when looking sexy into the phone, but the truth is unless you know what you are doing a phone camera will distorts your looks, mostly because of how close the phone is to your face!


Even if you adjust makeup, finds that beautiful light, and start snapping away taking loads of selfies, ultimately the result is the wrong angle, your photo NEEDS P/S work, and more often goes straight into the trash…So how to take femboy selfies like the pro’s and admirers, follow these easy tips for your best selfies ever.

Tips & Profile Selfies

1- Take the photo from your best side, you know which it is, often it’s the side or angle that looks better in selfies. If you are not sure try taking a few around your face and pick which you like the most, then you have your best side


2- Light, don’t forget its “just” a phone camera so getting the right light and NO FLASH!, but correct light is everything, using natural light is always the best


3- Phone location, putting the phone a little higher or maybe to one side will first make your face slimmer and your eyes bigger, which is always a killer look for that I see often with Femboy selfies.


4- A genuine look more so to males LOL..Femboys just Smile and try slightly opening your mouth & exhale, this will give the model look


5- Your background, think about it, you want something not cluttered and ideally you want the main attention to be your face not a busy background, a light wall is one that many use as that will make your face brighter.


6- and last editing, don’t overdo it. Whilst many phones have free editing software some can make images just look too fake, go for a natural look.


Posting Femboy selfie profile photos is not difficult as you control everything, all you need do is just plan a little and I’m sure you will get that photo, or probably photos that will get attention of members either femboys or admirers.

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