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How To Find, Were To Meet ..

How To Find a Aussie Femboy, working on the assumption that the person asking this question is a male, although saying that some Femboys that are not out and seeking others could well be asking the same question.


I saw this question on Reddit which I follow as I do sometimes find the questions quite amusing, and defiantly some of the responses or which most just told the guys to head out to any Aussie LGTBQi club and start meeting up.


Now I’m sorry if some guys have bigger balls than this admirer but the very idea of walking into a Aussie Femboy bar and start chatting, is one huge step to close the edge for me and I’m sure many other femboys, and VERY much so Femboys that are not out!

How To Hookup Femboys

The online scene has changed the way people date, now its possible to find any type of contacts online and they don’t get much better than joining a dedicated Femboy hookups site to help both admirers and Femboys date online.


But joining a site like ours is only half the story and whilst we can offer you all the features and contacts to view Femboy Personals you still must be ready to put some effort in and make sure that a member will want to meet with YOU!


It’s true we do offer loads of great ways to hookup online but there’s no point in having all these features if they just got to waste and are not used to the fullest. So some tips on just “How To Find Femboys”

Posting An Interesting Ad

Your personals advert is YOUR advert and the chance to tell members about the types of contacts you want, post up a boring advert with no photos and you won’t get Femboys contacting you, or responding to your messages.


But put up a detailed interesting personals advert letting people know about your likes, maybe if experienced or not, along with some photos and you can be sure when contacting members if they are interested in you will respond.


I did mention photos briefly, but these are a important, it’s a fact personals with no photos get ignored by most. If you want to get messages or responses from members you must upload photos. If you don’t want to show your face, just edit it so that members can still see something.


Follow these tips and you won’t be asking how to meet femboys, but lining up the dates and meeting with local contacts

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