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As there anything better than logging onto a live chat knowing you’ve got some horny femboys chatting and meeting up… I suppose meet is better but femboy chat rooms do come a very close second, if you can’t meet have cybersex !!.


Although saying all this I’m speaking from an admirer’s viewpoint, and I know femboys love nothing more than to meet other femboys online or admirers via live chatrooms. Welcome Aussie Femboy Chat and getting the most from hooking up online.

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For years I’ve been loving meeting Femboys but sometimes whether that’s just bad timing or you just can’t get away heading over to a live chatroom does offer a way to hookup and chat live from the comfort of your home.


Femboy Chatrooms have been around for years, some offer better features than others, but I like to think with member numbers we have along with great chatroom features we offer one of the best ways to meet up within chatrooms.


So, do you use Femboy chat to just sit back and hookup with Aussie Femboys online or is it a way of finding contacts to see if you can arrange to meet up? For me its BOTH as I love hooking up chatting live and maybe going private !!

Private Femboy Sex Chatroom

Going “Private” taking your conversation into a place where you are not sharing of having input from others and often getting very naughty talking about pleasures when meeting up!, sorry drifting off to the reason I go private there!! LOL.


Setting up a private Femboy chatroom is easy and a great way to chat with others without other people getting involved. Private chat rooms do give you a chance to talk 1 on 1 maybe swapping photos or planning a meet, or just enjoying some chat room sex talk!


One little bit of advice, when setting up a private chat or wanting to invite someone to go private make sure you ask them first! Its happen to me a few times where I get a private chat request and wonder who the frig it is!

Don’t be Shy!

When you first come into the chatroom don’t just sit there reading and watching what others are posting up, jump right in and say “hi” introduce yourself and get going, you can be sure once you say “hi” you will get welcomes from members.


If you see a member online and they are local to you, click on the members username and directly from chat you can access personals advert along with members photos. Then when you post a comment up you can make it more personal to them “Hi Becky, love the red dress” see easy!


Femboy chat is all about meeting up online where distance isn’t an issue and from this admirer’s viewpoint a huge turn on just chatting and you never know if distance isn’t too bad meeting up

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