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Femboy Stories whether thats SEX, the best type or maybe a an admire posting his first experience, either way reading stories posted by Femboys and admirers offers a real insight into what happens when a trans fem meets an admiring male or even another femboy.


But is it just about reading stories? Whilst I love reading an erotic story as much as anyone else, its also fascinating reading the views of femboys and admirers whether that’s writing about clubs, shopping, and just the generally the Aussie Femboys scene…but of course noting is better than sexy story.


Short and long, detailed and maybe just a vague, they all have a place, and you can find samples of the stories here and even more once inside the members section, where members blogs are, sometimes stories leaving you wanting more, that when you need to contact the author

Finding Femboy Sex Story ...

The good old world wide web is not short of places where you can find stories written by Femboys but what about meeting up with the sexy femboy that put the effort into writing the story, or I suppose if a male admirer.


The big advantage in accessing stories with within personals sites means you can also directly access there personals advert and check them out reading profile and viewing images uploaded, but even better contacts details

Blogs & Stories.

Blogs, everyone got one to post stories, right? No? We’ll know you have a chance as a member to post stories, advice, rants, maybe not too many rants within a blog. Your blog can be accessed via the members section and is free to use.


The blog postings can be as long as you like, and members can also make comments if you leave this open. Close it and only members can read, but should they want they can contact you by just clicking on your profile details

Posting Photos in stories.

Sure, why not! Although the sample stories I’ve posted here don’t show any members photos but once inside the members section and you access blogs, I’m pretty sure it won’t take you long before you are reading some erotic femboy fiction with a teaser photo attached.


Join us today and access loads more stories and from the members stories posted here you can also view the city / region in Australia that the member is from. By joining and looking for the story you can then find contact details !

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