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First time oral..

Hi, I’m currently at Ballarat Uni and living in student campus, whilst OK I try to get off campus often and it was whilst away one night at a party, I lost my oral cherry!! I’ve been dressing since I was 13 wearing my sisters’ clothes when no one was around, but one day that all changed when my sister, Kim found me walking around the house wearing her new summer dress.


She had guessed I was gay as I prefer more feminine things that other boy my age and for some time have been growing my hair, thankfully my sister never told my parents as they would die. Once she got over the shock, she helped me, and we would even have shopping trips out and I think its only fair to say I wouldn’t be where I am now with my femboy status and look without her help.


A few years later I started uni at Ballarat but I was still inexperienced sexually, well not just inexperienced, it was still to get off the ground. Out of the blue one night I got a message from my Kim saying she was coming to see me and wanted to party. There’s normally something going on around here at the weekend and it didn’t take me long to find a couple of parties.

Got Dressed Sexy & headed out  

When she got here, she was already dressed to have fun and carrying a bag gave it to me “for you, you will look drop dead” inside the bag were some tiny jean shorts and a crop top.


“Come on let’s get out and have fun” getting changed I peeled the shorts on they were so tight and even after a few adjustments my arse was hanging out ” if this doesn’t get you fucked tonight, I don’t know what else will”


Pulling my hair back into a ponytail and Kim put some makeup on me, even after a few years of doing it she can still make me up better. We headed out and Kim was right all the attention was on me, or more so my tight little butt.


Getting to the house we could hear the music banging out, so we headed in and found the bar and put our drinks down. I poured both a large drink and we started moving around, I was getting very turned on due to the number of hands that kept grabbing my ass, but Kim was soon getting some attention and got chatting to this guy and dancing.


I went back to the bar and getting another drink this guy walks over and introduces himself as Frank, he was in the same uni as me and apparently had seen me around a lot but never had the courage to walk up and say “hi” we chatted for a bit longer than had a dance followed by more drinks and each time he was getting close often putting his arm around me and rubbing over my ass.

My Ass On full display .

I decide the only way was for me to talk over and leaned over towards him, you know I’m a not a girl don’t you? “sure” I could see he was embarrassed and looked a tad confused, “I’m a guy that prefers to dress feminine and find guys horny” that didn’t seem to worry him, he then said want to go somewhere private and with that takes me towards the stairs and head into one of the bedrooms “it’s OK this is my mate’s room and he’s away for the night”.


Moving towards me he started to kiss me, rubbing his hand all over my body, cupping my small breasts and teasing my rock-hard nipples before moving his hand down onto my shorts.


“Stop, this is all a bit fast for me as I’ve never been with a man”


But there was something I wanted and putting my hand onto his belt unbuckled his belt and opened the top button. I tried to push my hand down but couldn’t, so he pushed his zip all the way down and his trousers dropped to the floor.


I moved down onto my knees and with his briefs still being up pulled them down and his cock fell out. Moving my hand up I took hold of him and straight away he started to grow, then pulling back his foreskin exposed his big head and slowing moving my hand backwards and forwards started to wank him off.


He groaned in appreciation and then saw a little bit of pre cum dripping from him , so moved my head forward and poking my tong out licked it off, so sweet, so sticky I wanted more, I carried on licking his cock, but I wanted him in my mouth and wasn’t sure how much I could take.


Putting my lips around his cock he pushed himself into me at first I struggled but eventuality I got most of him inside my mouth and he started to slowly fuck my mouth, he was groaning out so loud I was worried someone would walk in, but it didn’t seem to bother him as he was fucking my mouth harder and now had both hands behind my head pushing me deeper onto his cock.

Swallowed My First .

I was now opening my mouth as wide as possible and with my hands on my thighs he was taking full control how deep he was sucking me, he started to tense up and I knew he was going to cum soon and pulling back from me started walking and came over my face and moving my mouth back he shot another load straight down my throat. I wiped his cum off with my fingers and sucking them clean Frank clearly loved this.


Shortly afterwards we returned to the party, and we spent the rest of the night drinking and dancing, he did offer me to stay the night but that was one step a little to far considering I’d only just giving my first BJ.


We meet up a couple more time but Frank was moving away and that was it, but I was now hungry for MORE and joined the site and to meet other guys, I’m still a virgin and waiting for the right guy, but my oral skills have improved a lot and even had my own cock sucked a few times.

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