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Geelong, the Southwest city from of Melbourne and whilst people talk about its art deco boardwalk and sea bath at Eastern Beach, which really is just another way of saying sea swimming pool, although quite neat if you want to swim in the sea, but not LOL.. One thing they probably won’t talk about is the amazing Geelong LGBTQ scene.


With just a handful of bars and venues which some whilst they say they cater towards the local Geelong Femboy scene I’m not so sure. It looks like the odd Drag Show Piano Bar is about as near to a party that this city offers and clearly why so many turn towards online dating to meet Geelong Femboys & admirers.


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I’m a single guy and I’ve basically had a thing for Femboys for some years, its odd but I never considered myself to be gay or even bi, but having sex with a femboy didn’t seem a gay thing, I don’t know if I’m making any sense here LOL..


I live alone in Geelong and whilst I’ve had a few girlfriends and NO boyfriends I was still looking for that VERY sexy Geelong Femboy for my first, maybe could be my last for all I know.


I was working for a company and needed to head to Melbourne on a long business weekend and knew this gave me a chance to maybe meet up with someone. When I got to the hotel room I unpacked and got out quickly and headed towards some bars & clubs I’d heard about.


I walked past one, sounded busy, another even more so with dancing going on and another where I think a drag show was on, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk in. I was just about to head back to the hotel when I saw this attractive girl standing in a car park and she looked over, smiling, and walked towards me.

My first ....

Getting towards me she asked if I was looking for business, the coin dropped! “You’re an Escort” I said and I must have sounded like a real idiot as she smiled back at me , “yes baby, but I’ve got a little something special between my legs if you want to party” and I knew just what she was talking about!


I didn’t plan my first to be with a Femboy Escort, but she really was sexy as hell and I knew I was heading back to my room alone and how that would end up! “ I’ve got a place just around the corner, wanna come with me baby” With that followed her back to her apartment.


I gave her the money she asked for and she walked out putting the money in another room and returned wearing just panties, bra and a FUCK me smile. “ am I your first” all I could do was just nod and she smiled moving forward and started kissing me with her warm full lips.


Pushing me onto the bed she pulled my trousers off and stripped me and looking at her I could now clearly see that she was getting excited “do you want it” with that she moved towards my head, and I pulled her panties down and her cock was released.

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