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Melbourne Femboy "on heat" ..

It had neen a long day at work so I agreed to meet with some friends at a local bar “Pride of our Footscray” it’s one of the best, least I think so and a great friendly bar and lots of my fem friends meet up to dance, flirt LOL.. Or for some fun watching a drag act, odd thing I’ve never been picked up there, but I suppose that could be because I’m normally in a group.


My boyfriend was out with some of his friends, so I was enjoying myself dancing and being a total flirt we have been seeing each other for about 6 months, but we prefer an open arrangement as both of us don’t want to stop seeing others plus Mark (my BF) knows I’m a total tease.


It was getting late and as I knew Mark was out I didn’t want to disturb him, so called up a local taxi that I had used before, I always try to use the same taxi company as I feel a little safer plus one of the drivers called “John” was just so FUCKING HOT, I’ve often wondered about him fucking me silly, so I always ask if he’s around, this night I got lucky in more than one way.


I was standing at a nearby carpark to club when the taxi pulled in a my hart jumped a little when John opened the window and welcomed me into the cab. As normal he was polite and chatty and I’m sure he knew I had just come from Pride of our Footscray.

Melbourne LGBTQ bar

We were just having a casual chat as he was driving me home and asked if I’d had a good night and I responded saying dancing and flirting with men which I got a look in the mirror and smile back “ I bet you don’t have to work hard at getting attention” with that I smiled back and crossed my legs showing off my stocking tops.


Wheres your boyfriend then he asked “ he’s out with some friends, never know he may get lucky ”with that pulled up at my apartment. John said this was his last drop and was heading home so feeling a little horny I asked if he wanted to come in for a coffee, he didn’t need to ask twice.


Getting into the apartment he made himself comfortable and I headed to get a coffee. I sent Mark a message as I didn’t want him to return too soon and told him that John was here, to my surprise I got a message back telling me to “fuck him” he knew I fancied him, just phone me back so I can hear and called him putting the phone on the side so he could hear.


Walking back into the room I could see a hard cock pressing against his jeans and he did his best to cover it, but I told him not to worry and that I liked it that I was able to turn him on so much and slipping my shoes off I put a foot onto the sofa, and he could clearly see to the top my stockings. “I’m married” he said, I responded saying “I have a boyfriend, want a blowjob”.

I'm a Femboy, he smiled

“you do know I’m a femboy don’t you” and with that smiled “I did guess you were a trans that’s why park up close to the bar”


and with moved a cushion and knelling in front unzipped his jeans and got his huge hard cock out, that already had some sweet pre cum on the end and licked it off and looking up towards him slid his huge cock deep inside taking him all the way down in one go.


He didn’t take him long before he start to fuck my mouth hard making me gag and was doing my best nosy whore suck as I knew my Mark ws on the phone and listening, “ fuck you are amazing, if I kee this up I will cum soon” with that I pushed my head deep down and sucking him hard got the reward of salty sweet cum loads hitting the back of my throat.


Pulling back slowly I moved back and by now he could see my cock was pressing hard against my skirt and looking at him smiled and was totally shocked when he said “ my turn now” ……FUCK YES

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