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Melbourne Male First time ..

This is the second part of the story, that first you can find by clicking the Femboy stories link below and looking at Geelong page. Do you remember your first ? I do but unlike this Melbourne male admirer I was introduced to her by a friend that new I wanted to meet Femboys.


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Sucked her cock hard ...

I kissed the end and whilst looking at her she or he was so so sexy, that I just licked and sucked her cock for all I had “fuck baby you are a natural” and she started to fuck my mouth hard making me gag a little, but I loved feeling her cock hitting the back of my mouth.


She had moved her attention towards my cock, and we were both sucking each other off and fucking our mouths, it felt so fucking amazing, and I was doing all I could to hold back my excitement so that I didn’t come to too fast!


She rolled me onto my back and was fucking my mouth and doing the same then she moved upwards and pulling her cock from my mouth move her bottom over my face and having seen more than a few movies I knew just whats she wanted and start teasing her pussy with my tong running it around the outside. She moved her hands down and pulling her cheeks wide apart I entered her pussy and licked inside her.


She was pushing down hard against my face “ Baby I want your cock inside me” and with this turned around and VERY quickly put a rubber onto my cock and putting her legs either side learned forward kissing me and taking some lube from beside the bed.

Femboy Came first ...

Putting a little onto her finger she eased some into her pussy, although after my tong being deep inside her I knew she was very wet! Lowering herself down she groaned out in pleasure as she started to slider all the way down till I was fully inside her.


She leaned forward and kissed me pushing her tong deep inside and slowly started to ride me. I felt so different from when fucking a woman like this, but this felt better, it was tighter, and I was able to reach forward and start wanking her off.


She was getting faster and faster and we were both loving it, least that’s the impression I got from her and wanking her hard now she said “ Baby, you keep doing that and I will cum” But by now I was so worked up and we were both fucking so fast I didn’t stop, till she exploded her cum all over my tummy and even hit my chest. Seeing her cum she fucked me harder and a few seconds later I came.


Afterwards we were both laying on the bed and I was still looking at her beautiful body and I told her about how I wanted to meet Femboys, and she suggested personals sites and when getting back to the room I joined on and posted up a personals advert.


Once home at Geelong I checked my mail and was surprised I got a few Femboys looking at my ad, one very close to me so I dropped her a message….and that’s how it all started, I never looked back

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